David J Gillard
New Zealand Artist in 
WoodArt/Fine Woodworking 


David Gillard
New Zealand Wood Worker


We are a local New Zealand family business that specialises in producing new pieces of work from recycled timbers and discarded wood sourced in New Zealand.  All my products are handcrafted and we use a wide range of finishes.  At Wood Grain NZ our focus is sustainability in using recycled timbers and using safe and natural finishing products.


David Gillard is a self-taught woodworker and has a love for working with timber.  He has worked in a lot of different industries but has finally found his passion.  He enjoys the challenge that woodworking brings, and the variety of different works that can be created from a seemingly simple piece of timber. 


My goal is to create timber pieces that last the test of time and admired for life time.


We do custom work and most of our products can be customised to suit your needs.  Please email us if the product you are looking for is not on our website.

See our link below for why we use recycled timber.