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WUNDERKUTT10 (Handle is Included)


An excellent hollower for medium to large vessels, this tool is Rolly's best hollowing tool yet with new linkage designs that lock into indexing positions and micro adjustment to accurately adjust the depth of cut. This tool allows for both inboard and outboard turning and steady articulating arm rigs. They come with a 10mm titanium chromium coated cutter and sharpening jig. Used alone or in combination with Rolly’s Articulating Shear Scraper will give you the best result possible on a wide range of timbers as the articulating cutter head allows you to form a large range of vessel shapes and sizes, and to reach difficult areas such as the inside shoulders of semi-enclosed forms.

An adjustable hood over the circular carbide steel cutter sets depth of cut – open for heavy hogging, to near closed for fine shear cuts. When dull, the circular cutter is simply rotated to reveal a fresh edge. An included sharpening jig helps hold the small cutters securely for sharpening.

The stainless steel shaft is 5/8" in diameter and 15 1/2" long and allows a substantial reach into deep vessels. The hollow aluminium handle with rubber moulded outer grip gives great comfort is 19-1/2" long by 1-3/4 in diameter. Ballast, such as lead shot, can be added for stability and to absorb vibration. The tool shaft secures with a three-wing knob that, when aligned with the cutter head, provides a visual reference of the cutter position within hollow forms.

The cutter head and arm linkages are all made from surgical stainless steel. Comes with one titanium chromium coated cutter installed and ready to go with handle, a sharpening jig, hex keys set, and instructions.

My final wrap up remarks on this tool : This has to be my, and a lot of world great woodturners, go to tool for hollowing. You will not be disappointed. Also I have available time slots where you can view the tool in action and have a try before you buy which means that you know it suits your way of turning. This offer is available only in Auckland, New Zealand, via appointment so flick me an email woodgrainnz@gmail.com

Pack Includes

1 X WUNDERKUTT10, Cutter, Sharpening Jig, Wrenches, Handle

1 X Free Woodturning Project Kit & Sample of my woodturning wax conditioner

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