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MNH6S7 Munro Hollowing Straight & Lister Bend Set 1/2 Shaft with 6mm cutter & 1/2 Handle

$230.00 $238.70

1/2" 1 x Straight + 1 x Lister Bend Shafts +Handle, Tungsten Tip, Torque Key The Minimum MNH6S7 Are the Perfect tools in my opinion , cuts well without any aggressive techniques. This is my go to tool for hollowing of any type small to medium forms. A lot of time has been put in to the design and development of MN6 range tools and it shows with the cuts it leaves behind and the ease due to the Tungsten tip being offset that does more of a shear scraping then standard scraping and being Tungsten will last a long time and is replaceable. These are 350mm in Length with a milled centering flat on top of shaft for handle lock point to stop shaft twisting in handle. (This set has the handle Included)

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