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David Gillard
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Handy Micro Light


 Get the light right where you need it!

- Handy micro Light is only 30mm long, 11mm wide, 8mm thick

- 6 Super Bright LEDs put out a lot of light

- Daylight color spectrum (6500K)

- Magnets attach MicroLight to any ferrous metal surface

- Comes with an NZ/AUS approved 240V power supply with 12V DC output at 1amp

- Attach to Toolrest, Headstock, Tailstock, Turning & Hollowing Tools

- Shines light right inside your bowl, box, or vessel

- Low profile design keeps the Micro Light out of the way

- Excellent for Lathe, Bandsaw, Drill Press, Sewing Machine

- Works anywhere there's an iron or steel surface.

- Other uses include: Plumbing, Auto Mechanics, Grinding,

anywhere you need light in a small space

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