David J Gillard
New Zealand Artist in 
WoodArt/Fine Woodworking 


David Gillard
New Zealand Wood Worker


"I have some cooking and mixing spoons from Wood Grain Nz, they are nice to use and well designed (particularly for mixing dough,and they don't lose there Rimu colouring. I had snapped a few supermarket spoons!). I'll definitely buy from them again."

Austin T

"I was given one of the Saucer Spoons they have nice weight and its great for making sauces and excellent for clearing the bottom of pots and pans, unlike those crappy balsa wood things from the shop! And as a professional chef, I highly recommend this spoon."

Teresa P.

I bought a New Zealand swamp Kauri bolt action pen from Wood Grain NZ’s website via email.

I received the pen today and was really impressed.  Thank you for the silver plaque on the lid and engraving on pen which made it very personal. My husband will love the pen.  You really should market it to business men/hunters or wives of these, they are very hard to buy for!


To David / Wood Grain NZ, Please don't ever stop making these wonderful toy cars. Everyone here in Haldensleben Germany who has seen the cars have loved the design and colours they come in. My Kids Love them.Thanks mate.



Just like to say what a brilliant job Dave did on my 2 Salt an Pepper grinders. Wow blown away with the detail an intracsey on them both. Dave you have definitely out done yourself. Thanks again definitely recommend any of your work to all friends and family.