David J Gillard
New Zealand Artist in 
WoodArt/Fine Woodworking 


David Gillard
New Zealand Wood Worker


In this world of unneccessary waste you can be sure that you will not be adding to the problem. In this world of native forests rapidly declining you can be sure you are not contributing to the destruction. By choosing a piece of Wood Grain NZ furniture or product you are giving a piece of timber a second lease of life. This is because all our timber is recycled.

Recycled timber has several advantages. Timber from our past was mostly sourced from the greatest of greatest trees and therefore was of the highest top quality of timber, which right now can not be replicated.  Recycled timber found in New Zealand comes from numerous diverse sources which includes old houses, sheds,farms and factories. Most of this timber was hand logged during the 19th and early 20th Century. Recycled timber has retained the quality of the past whilst collecting historical markings from the passing of time, such as nail holes, gum veins and marks from weathering. By choosing recycled timber you are not only making a sustainable timber option but you are also honouring our history and heritage by making use of a truly distinctive piece of timber.

Wood Grain NZ use recycled timber where possible for all our products as this will reduce the impact to and destruction of our limited timber resources. Recycled timber guarantees to be just as good or even better than new timber on the market.  We remill a lot of our recycled timber we collect.

The use of recycled timbers ensures a range of special natural colours that are deep, warm and radiate charm and character.


Now  Wood Grain NZ has a chance to create something stunning from a piece of timber milled many years prior. That's giving it a new lease on life.