David J Gillard
New Zealand Artist in 
WoodArt/Fine Woodworking 
Designer & Creator.


David Gillard
New Zealand Wood Worker

Wood Art by David Gillard

Fire & Earth.

Beautiful contrasting colours with koru wood branding on the top of this hollow form vessel.
Timber Kahikata, Finish, Colourfast dyes, Lacquer, Size : 105mm diameter by 100mm in height

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River Wood.

Patina hollow form vessel.
Timber Pohutakawa & Puriri, Finish, Gold Silver or copper leaf, Lacquer, Size :105mm diameter by 100mm in height



Hollow Form 




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Whakairo Ipu

This hollow form was Inspired from Maori water vessel. 
Timber Silver birch, Finish, Lacquer , Size : 250mm diameter by 165mm in height



  Koru Wall Hanging
Timber Silky Oak Finish Carved & Burnished, Lacquer and Spirit colour dye Size :180mm square by 40mm in thickness. 

$ Sold 

Red Beech Patina
Timber Spalted Red Beech,  Finish with Colour Resin, Silver,Gold, Copper Leaf, Lacquer
Size 270mm diameter by 130mm. 

$ Sold
Koru Sphere

Timber Kauri 
Pyrography Branding, Gilding Paste with Lacquer 

$ Sold
American Cherry Vessel

American Cherry Timber Timber 

Coloured Resin, Lacquer  

Size 230mm diameter by 130mm height. 

$ Sold

Waka's Landing

Timber Pohutukawa 

 Carved, Texturing, Gilding Paste with Lacquer

 $ Sold